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Wild Horse Impacts to Australian Mountain Animals--Part Two

Posted on Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 12:55AM by Registered CommenterLinda McMillan | Comments Off

Dr. Graeme L. Worboys has kindly shared this August 2015 report he prepared as a second part of his statement on Our Australian Alps are Changing--For the Worse:

Part Two: Wild Horse Impacts To Our Australian Mountain Animals

The “Australian Alps are Changing" …. Part Two: Impacts to our Australian Mountain Animals” statement is based on peer reviewed published literature, advice from many experts and the expertise, experience, active field research and observations of the author in the Australian Alps protected areas that spans a period of 42 years. The document is a private statement and responsibility for it rests with the author.

© This statement is available for general use, copying and circulation.


Citation: Worboys, G.L., (2015) Our Australian Alps Are Changing….For The Worse: Part Two, Impacts to our Australian Mountain Animals”, Canberra, Available at: www.mountains-wcpa.org

Acknowledgements: Appreciation is expressed to Sam Banks , Karl Bossard, Ken Green, Geoff Hope, Ian Pulsford and Chloe Sato for their inputs to and review of this statement.

Figures: The Australian Alps maps were prepared by Karl Bossard. Species location data for the maps was sourced from publicly available “Atlas of Living Australia” data.

Photo credits: Photographs presented in this statement were provided by Graeme L. Worboys unless otherwise identified.
Cover photo: The Mountain Pygmy Possum (Burramys parvus) in the hand of a zoologist/ researcher, Australian Alps national parks. Source: Australian Alps Liaison Committee

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