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Could you outrun a glacial lake outburst flood?

On June 18, 2009 almost 140 runners answered that question as they raced from the Imja Tsho glacial lake near Everest to the Sherpa village of Khumjung about 35km away. The Imja Tsho Action Run event was sponsored by a variety of non-profit organizations such as iDEAS and the community of Khumjung plus NGOs such as WWF-Nepal and ICIMOD. The North Face was a lead sponsor.

Everyone in the village and at the event did their parts to help fight global warming and climate change and make the event successful. So to start the event, monks from the Khumjung Monastery led a sacred dragon and lion down from the hillside to bring peace and prosperity to all and chase away bad luck during the event. They kept everyone safe and succeeded brilliantly in energizing the crowd and the entire event!

Read more about this extraordinary event and how it relates to climate change on our Mountains Biome Blog.

You can also download a copy of the beautiful movie (in ".iso" file format, 1.5gb) about the Imja Tsho Action Event 2009 from iDEAS:

"CLIMATE CHANGE: A Mountain Community Dares to Take the First Step"

Please note:  Some media players can open and play .iso files directly. Others might need to use DVD-burning software (often available as freeware) to burn this .iso file on a DVD first, so it can be viewed.


 Here is a short video from the Khumjung Festival, one day after the Imja Tsho Action Event

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A Spectacular Teaching Opportunity - Imja Tsho Action Run & Khumjung Festival, June 2009 - Khumjung's monks, sacred dragon and lion do their part to help the village learn how to respond to rapidly-melting glaciers and climate change in the Himalaya
from L. McMillan on Vimeo.