Responding to Climate Change

WCPA Mountains Biome's Work


Climate change is one of the major threats to societies and ecosystems today. Its impacts on mountains of the world are especially critical to life, as they are a prime source of fresh water for most of the world. WCPA Mountains Biome experts develop and share crucial ideas and guidance on ways to effectively respond to these impacts and their growing threats.

They also collaborate globally in strategic workshops to develop and publish "best practices" to focus world attention on major issues and efforts related to climate change response such as:

The many valuable and timely ideas, innovations, and workable solutions produced by these   strategic workshops are then documented and shared around the world in high-level publications, websites, position statements, projects, events, and programmes. For example, here is information about responding to climate change in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya region from ICIMOD.

Mountains Biome members also work individually and with their organizations to focus public attention on climate change issues and devise and implement effective response to climate change. Here are some examples: