Connectivity Conservation Video-Audio Clips

What is Connectivity Conservation and why is it important?

Here are the video and audio clips from the Connectivity Conservation Presentation by Dr. Graeme Worboys from the Australian Linking Landscapes Conference in 2009 featuring:

Dr. Tatjana Yashina (3.3mb audio clip) - Tom Sengalama (487kb audio clip)

Dr. Fausto Sarmiento:

Connectivity Conservation in the Andes of South America.

Dr. Fausto Sarmiento of the University of Georgia (USA) explains how Connectivity Conservation is being used to protect the high mountain grasslands of Ecuador which supply water to the nation's rapidly-growing capital city and region.

Dr. Nakul Chettri:

Connectivity Conservation in the Himalaya Region.

Dr. Nakul Chettri of ICIMOD (International Center for Integrated Mountain Development, based in Kathmandu, Nepal) explains how trans-boundary Connectivity Conservation is being promoted as a way to preserve the Himalaya region's immense biodiversity as it shifts in response to climate change.

Paulina Arroyo:

Connectivity Conservation in the Western Amazon region.

Paulina Arroyo of The Nature Conservancy in Ecuador talks about how she is working to connect indigenous people of the nine Western Amazon countries in conservation efforts in that region's protected areas.