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Message from Dr. Graeme Worboys, IUCN-WCPA Vice Chair, Mountains Biome and Connectivity Conservation

June 2011

The IUCN Programme provides the framework for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the conservation work undertaken by the Commissions and the Secretariat with and on behalf of IUCN Members. It is discussed and approved by Member organizations every four years at IUCN’s World Conservation Congress. The draft for consultation of the IUCN Programme is undergoing a major consultation programme, and the commenting period is now open. We invite you to join in the IUCN public consultation process for this important work. Below are copies of this document in English, Spanish, and French:

The draft IUCN Programme 2013-2016: Nature+ 

La propuesta de Programa de la UICN para 2013-2016: Naturaleza+

Projet de Programme de l’UICN 2013–2016: Nature+

Comments and amendments on this draft Programme can be sent to no later than 10 October 2011. More information about this is on the IUCN website.


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Cattle ordered out of Victorian Alps

Cattle have been ordered out of the Alpine National Park (ABC TV News: ABC TV News)  see Map: Omeo 3898

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke has given the Victorian Government until April 8 to get cattle out of the Alpine National Park.

The Ted Baillieu-led government reintroduced cattle grazing into the park in January to test if grazing cuts down the bushfire risk.

But Mr Burke has lashed out at the State Government and says the matter should first have been referred for Federal Government approval.

He says if the State Government does not take the cattle out in time and refer the plan for his approval, the Federal Government will act anyway.

"Every Australian company knows they're not above national law. Victoria decided maybe they were, well they're now in for a shock. They're not above the law and by April 8 the cattle will be out and the matter will be referred," he said.

He described the Victorian Government's responses to his department's requests for information about the trial as "a joke".

Cattle grazing was banned in 2005 by the former Labor Government but the Baillieu-led Coalition reversed that decision just seven weeks after winning the election.

The Victorian Premier has been in a cabinet meeting and has not yet responded to Mr Burke's announcement.

But Victoria's Environment Minister Ryan Smith says Mr Burke's announcement is nothing more than a political stunt.

"The cattle were coming out anyway in a couple of weeks as a part of the normal grazing season," he said.

Mr Smith says he has received no formal correspondence from the Federal Government asking him to remove the stock.

The Victorian Labor Opposition has welcomed the decision.

Shadow Minister for the Environment Lisa Neville said it was "further proof that the Baillieu Government got it wrong when they reintroduced cattle grazing into Victoria's High Country".

"Mr Baillieu must now admit he made the wrong decision," she said.

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March 1, 2011

Cattle have been re-introduced into the Victorian Alpine National Park, Australia, a Category II national park despite the proven serious impacts cattle have to Australia's high mountain water catchments and wetlands.

The new Bailleau Conservative Government of Victoria has permitted 400 cattle owned by four landowners  to be reintroduced to the Victorian Alpine National Park. Prior to this, the Park was being restored from the historical damage caused by grazing, given the importance of the catchments to the multi-billion dollar agricultural industry downstream in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin. The mountain catchments and the water they generate are critical for this agriculture, and need to be in the best, non-disturbed, non-eroding condition.

The official reason for the cattle being introduced? To conduct research to determine if cattle grazing will reduce the effects of wildfire in the mountains. This is despite their being peer reviewed research that demonstrates such grazing does not reduce blazing. IUCN WCPA has written to Premier Bailleau and expressed concern about the precedent set for a Category II national park, and has asked that the cattle be withdrawn (attached). Concerned scientists have also written to the Victorian Minister for the Environment asking that the cattle be withdrawn (attached).

Vice Chair Graeme Worboys is monitoring developments and assisted in providing the IUCN WCPA response to Premier Bailleau. Any comments or feedback may be directed to Graeme ( ).

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