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Here is a downloadable invitation to participate in the WCPA CC&M Executive.

We encourage you to read the attached invitation and if you are interested, to submit an Expressions of Interest

--Graeme Worboys and Larry Hamilton

Due to the retirement of WCPA Co-Vice Chair (CC&M) Graeme Worboys and Senior Adviser, Editor, Larry Hamilton at the Hawaii World Conservation Congress in September 2016, two vacancies will exist in the WCPA CC&M Executive.

This note is a call for expressions of interest for anyone who may be interested in taking on one of these important and stimulating global stewardship roles. The intent is to appoint two replacements during 2015 to ensure that there is overlap between the current incumbents and the new appointees to help achieve a smooth transition for the CC&M Executive.

NEW REPORT - Pest Horse Impacts in Australian Alps National Parks

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Horses are an introduced animal in Australia. Many have gone wild in Australia’s mountain national parks and have bred up into such numbers that they are impacting the mountain catchments and subalpine native animals and plants. These are the natural values for which the national parks has been established.

A new “observations” report has been prepared by our Mountains members Graeme Worboys and Ian Pulsford that clearly illustrates the extent of the damage to these nationally significant national parks. The report concludes that urgent and effective action is needed to end for ever these pest horse impacts; to restore the damage to the water catchments and to help conserve Australia’s native species.

For further information: Press Release

Cycling Silk moves on to Cyberspace 

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Cycling Silk was a 10-month, 10-country, 10,000-kilometer biking expedition along the Silk Road between Europe and Asia completed by Melissa Yule and Kate Harris. Their goal was to explore borderland wildernesses along the way, using bikes as vehicles for adventure, research, and environmental advocacy.

Click to show their route through Trans-Boundary Conservation Areas

Nik Lopoukhine sends an update about this incredible project "Cycling Silk" which the IUCN-WCPA Mountains and Connectivity Conservation group has promoted since its inception in 2006. The project was sponsored by The Wild Foundation and IUCN-WCPA, among other groups. It was the inspiration of two young women who wanted to find a way to effectively promote the value of trans-boundary protected areas and wildlife conservation.

A new video trailer now shows the immensity and beauty of that trip.

Please share this extraordinary story with your friends and contacts. We have been told that a book and longer videos about this project are in the planning stage. Congratulations again to Kate and Melissa!

Stay tuned for more information on their book and future movies that will keep promoting trans-boundary conservation for years to come...

Outputs from Parks Beyond Boundaries 2012 conference

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Dr. Graeme Worboys has kindly forwarded valuable information from a recent event in Australia.  He and Dr. Stephen Woodley gave Masterclass presentations on landscape-scale conservation and ecological integrity at the Parks Beyond Boundaries 2012 conference at Adelaide, Australia on May 25.  This was the Fifth International Biennial Parks Forum Management and Leadership Conference.

Their presentations and other conference outputs can be viewed at:

Additional presentations from the main Parks Beyond Boundaries 2012 conference are also available in video form on YouTube:

Australia‚Äôs draft National Wildlife Corridors Report - World's first continental approach to connectivity conservation 

Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 08:47PM by Registered CommenterLinda McMillan | Comments Off

Breaking News from Dr. Graeme Worboys:

I am very pleased to advise that the Australian Government has released Australia’s draft National Wildlife Corridors Report today for community consultation. The draft report to the Australian Government Minister for the Environment, The Hon Tony Burke MP, was prepared by the National Wildlife Corridors Advisory Group, a Group which was chaired by the Hon Bob Debus AM.

This is the first whole-of-continent approach to connectivity conservation for the world and recognises a range of different corridors at different scales , including, importantly, a few select and strategic (yet to be designated) National Wildlife Corridors. The draft report also advises that new Legislation is proposed to be introduced later this year to formalise the implementation of the NWC plan. This is a proactive step by the Australian Government to help achieve both Aichi (CBD) Targets as well as Australia’s own Biodiversity Strategy targets. It is a formidable step forward in assisting Australian and migratory species survive in a climate change world. Comments on this draft would be very welcome and the website provides guidance on how to achieve this. The Draft Plan will be upgraded and then formalised by the Minister following the  community consultation period which ends on April 20th 2012.

News coverage of the report. Press Release of the report. Editorial opinion of the report.

Draft report is available at:

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