Our Focus + Strategies


How we are protecting mountains around the world


 Looking forward, here is an updated copy of our ambitious Strategic Plan for the next four years, with particular focus on building management capacity for large-scale connectivity conservation and the interlinking of protected area in mountains and other areas in response to climate change:

WCPA Mountains and Connectivity Conservation Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Looking back, here is a report on our team's activities and accomplishments during 2008:

2008 WCPA Mountain Biome Theme Report

A report on activities and accomplishments

To optimize our efforts, the Mountains Biome team adopted a strategy for 2004-2008 to focus on a progression of three major inter-related initiatives:

  1. Mountain Connectivity Conservation Management -  The importance of connecting or re-connecting fragmented parts of mountain landscapes to ensure survival, viability, and biodiversity of species. View our Connectivity Conservation Resolution and Consolidated motion: Enhancing ecological networks and connectivity conservation areas for the 4th World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, October 2008.
  2. Transboundary Conservation Management in Mountains -  The importance of collaborating to establish and maintain protected areas that span and sustain entire mountain ecosystems, regardless of borders, boundaries, or jurisdictions, to ensure survival by preserving traditional migratory patterns for plants, animals, and indigenous peoples.
  3. Mountain Eco-Tourism in Mountain Protected Areas -  The importance of collaboration among all mountain stakeholders to find the best ways to allow people to continue to enjoy mountains without endangering their precious natural and cultural resources and the biodiversity of their species.

To better understand these three issues and devise the best ways to achieve success, the Mountains Biome team convened strategic workshops with leading experts on these issues. The results were clear plans of action on issues plus books and other publications to share with the world.