LHamilton-215pxOpt.jpgDr. Lawrence Hamilton

IUCN - WCPA Vice Chair, Senior Adviser to
WCPA Secretariat and to the Mountains Biome Theme

Special areas of interest:

Mountain cloud forests, sacred forests and mountains, and Protected Areas worldwide

Senior Adviser Dr. Larry Hamilton of Vermont (eastern USA) is a Professor Emeritus as well as the legendary Editor of our quarterly newsletter Mountain Protected Areas UPDATE. He provides valuable guidance, ideas, and connections to the Network. He has authored and contributed to approximately 325 publications throughout his teaching and mountain protection careers including:

He has worked on a log drive in Northern Ontario, as a government forester in Southern Ontario, been a pilot in the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm) in WWll, been a Senior Fellow at East-West Center in Hawai’I, and loved mountains all his life. He is a Partner with wife Linda in the Islands and Highlands Environmental Consultancy, and served as the Vice-Chair of the Mountains Biome Theme from 1992 to 2004.

He is active in the local and regional community in projects such as serving as Tree Warden for the Town of Charlotte, Vermont and as a Trustee for The Nature Conservancy of Vermont.

Larry was the recipient of a National Science Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship in 1964 at the University of California (Berkeley), two Fulbright-Hayes Fellowships (University of New England, Australia in 1969 and University of Waikato, New Zealand in 1978), and a Visiting Professor Award, University of Queensland (Australia) in 1972. His awards include Forest Conservationist of the Year for 1969 from the  New York State Conservation Council; Environmental Achiever Award from Friends of UNEP in 1987; the Packard International Parks Merit Award from IUCN world Commission on Protected Areas in 2003; Distinguished Scientist for Cloud Forest Conservation from the University of Hawaii in 2004; and the King Albert Gold Medal for Mountain Conservation Leadership also in 2004.

Larry (shown below on a World Heritage tour of the Aeolian Islands in 2007) and wife, Linda, live in a rural area of Charlotte, Vermont, from whence they attempt to live softly on the landscape, raise organic produce and eggs, and issue the quarterly Mountain Protected Areas UPDATE Newsletter for WCPA/IUCN since 1992.